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Discover how you work and unlock the keys to reaching your greatest potential.

What are you naturally wired to do professionally?

Shouldn’t you know what jobs are perfect for you and which jobs aren’t? What do you contribute to an organization naturally and better than anyone else?

Take our WorkExpressions Assessment to discover which of the
5 work expressions best explain you and how you do work.

Your assessment results empower you to master the art of work.

If you’re like most professionals, you’ve likely noticed you’re excited and energized to work on some projects, but not necessarily on others. And your productivity, contributions and ability to reach your goals are directly impacted.

Become more engaged and honor your natural & innate abilities at work.

By taking the WorkExpressions Assessment, you’ll discover your natural inclinations and work preferences. You’ll know what types of business organizations and groups you’ll find the most satisfaction in working with, all while contributing highly-efficient work.

Why does this matter?

Knowing these very specific factors creates a powerful advantage for you: you’ll know exactly which jobs & positions to apply for (and which ones to avoid), which goals you are best-positioned to reach and create a better foundation for the common goals of the organization, as well as your individual professional goals.

In short, you’ll have the knowledge you need to step into the highly-efficient, energetic and environmentally-cohesive job opportunities you’ve always wanted.

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WorkExpressions is a unique, new approach to understanding your ultimate professional abilities.

WorkExpressions is disruptive… in a great way.

We are attracting business owners, professionals and college graduates globally.

Think about it, until now, a professional focused and spent most of their energy figuring out “the what” – What industry or profession do they want to be a part of? This methodology often consumes the first decade of your work experience.

Many people find themselves switching positions, companies and careers while struggling to figure out where they fit in the best.

We help you discover “the how”.

Only you can figure out the “what” – but believe us when we say, the “what” is so much easier to figure out when you know your natural WorkExpression – your happiest and most efficient way of working within an organization. How do you express yourself innately should determine the perfect job fit for you and how you need to be supported in that role.

Work Expressions will help determine the way in which you best engage and align with your company and role you want to play.

How we’re unique…

Our Founder, Walter Bond, is a former NBA athlete-turned- Hall of Fame speaker who saw a huge gap in the business world.

It’s obvious to us why employee engagement and alignment are so low (and why turnover is so high)!

Walter says, “As a NBA athlete, I played for teams who allowed me to play my game and I was engaged because of it. When I couldn’t play my game, I disengaged slightly, but I always knew playing my game – unique to me – was the biggest contribution I could make.”

WorkExpressions allows you to know “your game.”

You should know exactly what job, position and company is the perfect fit for you. We want each and every professional to know their WorkExpression so they can achieve the best level of performance and contribution to the teams they’re a part of.

Knowing how you contribute and what you want is the only way to find true (work) happiness, fulfillment and purpose. . Discovering your WorkExpressions results is critical for you to discover how you express yourself through your work, based on how your natural skill, talent and desires.

We empower you like no other assessment on the market. o

Other assessments get caught up on your personality. Bogus! Once you discover how you express yourself through your work, you’ll be well on your way to success, because finally you know “your game.”

Take the test & receive your results within 15 minutes.


WorkExpressions is invaluable for leaders & managers, too.

Leaders, knowing your own WorkExpression also empowers you to build your highest-performing teams.

Once you understand you better, it unlocks your ability to select each complementary team member to achieve your business goals.

Learn your WorkExpressions results to begin
building a more-aligned organization.


I don't know myself as perfectly as I thought! Knowing this, I will be more aware of potential conflict and be assertive in those situations, even though I would rather have people be in harmony than to be in conflict. I really liked this assessment and plan to use it more!  


I learned about the WorkExpressions assessment when it was mentioned at a conference. The results gave me a better understanding of why things go the way they do and ways to make things work better with the people involved on my team. It is a refreshing way to see how people interact with their own personalities!


WorkExpressions was an easy tool to use and simple to understand.  For those that have... a tired view of other assessment models, this  tool provides a fresh and different perspective!


The WorkExpressions Assessment has made me incredibly aware of my work language. I've fond that knowing these results has also helped me to understand how I can best contribute to my team (and it's very different than what I thought I HAD to contribute). Will definitely be referring back to my results consistently.


The WorkExpressions Assessment is a great tool for managers and administrators to use with their teams. As an Executive Director of a non-profit organization, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with many people. Each person brings his or her own unique WorkExpression style to the organization, and a tool like the WorkExpression Assessment allows me to build my teams to the highest level using a combination of WorkExpression styles I customize for the project and situation.
From an individual perspective, the accuracy of the WorkExpression Assessment is high. The report I received truly reflects me. Others who used the assessment report the same results for themselves. This tells me the WorkExpressions Assessment is a well-designed instrument. I recommend it for individuals and organizations. Of course, having Walter Bond Seminars behind the tool is an added bonus for us all!
Sue Hays

Executive Director, Association of American Feed Control Officials

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Get your results direct to your inbox within 15 minutes.